Smith and Ross Island, North Andaman Island

The Twin Islands connected by a sandbar

Smith and Ross Islands are sister islands separated by a bar of sand. During high tide the sandbar submerges under water and the two islands appears separate. The beach at this location is rated number one among all the existing beaches of Andaman Islands. The Ross Island of the Smith-Ross duo is often confused with the famous colonial colony at Ross Island near Port Blair. Smith and Ross  offers a virgin beach followed by a tropical forest. Ross and Smith Island is a 20 minutes (distance 5 km) boat ride from Aerial Bay jetty is an ideal spot for Beach tourism, Adventure (trekking through tropical forest), Research / Education (like scuba diving, snorkeling, turtle nesting). The 450 metre long sand bar joining Smith and adjoining Ross island is the main attraction.

Smith Island  also houses a small village of about 60 families. Smith Island beach is notified for Turtle nesting during seasons

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Latitude : 13.30483243323765 | Longitude : 93.07165285720828

What to wear

Cotton outfits, Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion

Transport vehicle



How to reach : From Aerial Bay you take a speed boat for either Rs.3000 or pay per head at Rs. 600. In addition a permit needs to be obtained (no extra cost) from the Forest permit counter after producing valid Photo Identity of each visitor. The months from November to May are best suited for the trip. For the best time of the day, the boat operators should guide you when the tide is low and sand bar between the twin Island is visible to walk through. Caution : Be prepared to get drenched by the crushing sea waves during the boat ride.

The Govt. Department of Environment and Forest has tastefully constructed tree houses, huts, sunbathing chairs, changing rooms at the beach for tourists. The gorgeous beach with turquoise water and surroundings quickly let you forget the stresses and hurly-burly of life

During low tides one could spend countless hours observing the marine life (like Corals, sponges, hermit crabs, common moon jelly fishes, star fishes, sea anemones etc.) on the shoreline in shallow waters and tide pools at Smith and Ross Island.

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