Science Centre Port Blair

The science centre is a must visit for students and children. It has a large number of basic science related exhibits. The exhibits and models provide information along with experimentation on many laws of science. There is also a planetarium which has shows at fixed times.
Here is the place where you come to know that Andaman & Nicobar islands were all part of the South Asian mainland with continuous mountain range running down from the Arakan Yomas in Burma through Sumatra, Java and Indonesia. Then, 150 million years ago, due to geological activity, the land submerged and created the islands of mountaintops. The genesis of the Andaman & Nicobar archipelago is depicted through interactive exhibits in the Andaman & Nicobar islands gallery of the centre.

This science centre explains the science of oceans, while allowing the visitors to create waves of varying parameters by means of exhibits and models. The under-crust activities still going on around the Barren Island is depicted in a exhibit.

Once you feel confident to face a quiz on the A & N islands, enter the quiz corner. But it is one with a difference. A computer plays the quizmaster; it automatically throws questions at you and evaluates your answers. Please call your friends and family to enjoy the quiz. It allows six groups of two persons each to participate and compete with each other.

Hands-on-easy to use exhibits in the Fun Science gallery tempt one to play with them and explore the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of common scientific phenomena. Roll a ball, press a switch, rotate a crank, and amusing things happen, albeit, scientifically. In this hall, you can play with mirrors, paint pictures with free falling liquids or enjoy illusions. here rolling balls perform acrobatics, vortex is formed in water and complex rules of probability turns to be an exciting game of fun.

The Modern Technology gallery introduces the frontier fields of ‘Biotechnology’, fathoms the ‘Space’ and elucidates ‘Nuclear Technology’. Several computer kiosks provide engrossing multimedia experience on these key areas.

Taramandal, the portable planetarium of this centre, simulates the night sky of Port Blair or any other place in the northern hemisphere. One learns to identify stars and constellations so very easily here. The real sky no longer remains an enigma thereafter. This portable planetarium is the only one of its kinds in the a & N islands.

Out there, in the open air, is the lush green science park where parabolic reflectors send whispers to a distant destination, hollow pipes can be made to generate music, and models of prehistoric animals take one through the course of evolution of life on earth. To match with this natural set up, the centre houses the only in-house Butterfly corner of the islands. All the butterflies seen here are bred and reared in the corner itself.

Science Centre
Port Blair
Goodwill Estate
Corbyn’s Cove Road
Port Blair
Phone : 229034

Opening Hours : 10 AM to 5.30 PM (except Wednesday)


General Public  Rs.5/-
Below 14 yrs.  Rs.2/-

Science Shows

'Unexpected Science' Show  Rs.2/-
'Fun-tastic' Chemistry Show  Rs.2/-
Planetarium Show  Rs.2/-
Sky Observation & Film Show  Rs.2/-


Inside the Science Centre