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Nancowry (also written as Nancowrie) is Island belonging to central Nicobar Group : The islands in central Nicobar group are : Nancowrie, Chowra, Katchal, Teressa, Bambooka and Trinket. Tillanchong island is 14 miles north to Kamorta.

The Nancowry Harbour - Nicobars
M.V. Kalighat at Kamorta Jetty

Nancowry was very popular in past among the seafarers (Especially the people of Sumatra, Malaysia and China) because of the presence of fine natural harbour. It is also known that many of these travelers also settled down with the natives.

Nancowry is one of 2 local administrative divisions of the Indian district of Nicobar, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Christianity & Islam are the main religion of the inhabitants of Nancowrie Island.


Area - 66.82 Sq. Km

Total House Holds (2001 Census) 123

Population (2001 Census) 927 | Male 474 | Female 453

Total 18 villages existed in Nancowry Out of which 5 Tapang, Altheak, Al-Hit-Touch/Balu Basti, Champin and Itoi are functional post Tsunami 2004.

Healthcare: There is a Community health centre and 6 sub-centres. The community health centre is situated at Kamorta Island.

Education: There are 5 primary schools and one senior secondary school.

Power supply: Power supply is generated by DG Sets providing 0.23 MU.

Villages and Habitations  in Kamorta and Nancowry :

PanchayatVillage /Habitation                    Type
Kamorta Alreak  
Kamorta Alukian or Alhukheck  
Kamorta Banderkari or Pulu  
Kamorta Berainak or Badnak  
Kamorta Bumpal  
Kamorta Chanel or Chanol  
Kamorta Changua or Changup  
Kamorta Chota Inak  
Kamorta Daring  
Kamorta Hintona  
Kamorta Hockook  
Kamorta Kakana  
Kamorta Kamorta or Kalatapu  
Kamorta Knot  
Kamorta Kuikua  
Kamorta Maru  
Kamorta Masala Tapu  
Kamorta Mohreak or Kohreakap  
Kamorta Munak incl Ponioo  
Kamorta Neeche Tapu  
Kamorta Nyicalang  
Kamorta Olinpon or Alhinpon  
Kamorta Payuha  
Kamorta Pilpilow  
Kamorta Ramzoo  
Kamorta Safedbalu  
Kamorta Tapiang  
Kamorta Tillang Chong Island  
Kamorta Tomae or Inmae  
Kamorta Trinket  
Kamorta Vikas Nagar  
Nancowry Nroak / Chiniak  
Nancowry Alipa / Alips  
Nancowry Al Hit Touch or Balu Basti  
Nancowry Altheak  
Nancowry Champin  
Nancowry Hindra  
Nancowry Hinnunga  
Nancowry Inroak Chinlak  
Nancowry Itoi  
Nancowry kakana  
Nancowry Lanuanga  
Nancowry Lapat  
Nancowry Malacca  
Nancowry Mus  
Nancowry Neang  
Nancowry Payak  
Nancowry Tapani or Tapainy  
Nancowry Tapong incl Kabila