Middle Andaman & Rangat, Andaman Island | India

The Middle Andaman is large Island and houses the inhabitated towns of Mayabunder, Rangat, Billiground. Geo-politically  smaller nearby  Islands are also classified under the zone of Middle Andaman.

Panchavati water fall/beach, Amkunj beach (8 km from Rangat) and Betapur beach are nearby places to
visit. Cutbert Bay Beach (20 km) away from Rangat bazaar/jetty) is a turtle nesting ground (December to February). Government owned Guest house Hawksbill Nest is near to the Cutbert bay beach and Turtle sanctuary. Most of the tourist visiting Rangat are foreign nationals and in comparison Indian Tourists are
lesser. The estimated tourist inflow is just about 4500 the whole year (as per current estimates).

This island collection is spread across 75 census villages and 14 gram panchayats. The population is made up of people from Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Fisheries and cultivation are the two primary occupations of people in this island.



Rangat is a biggest town in Middle Andaman ith pristine beaches, waterfalls, and interesting islands. Rangat is 210 km from Port Blair and 70 km south of Mayabunder. Rangat is well connected by road and sea route. This place is in the middle part of Andaman Islands. Travelers visiting Baratang can make Rangat as their
destination to stay and continuing to Havelock. It is nearly 3 hours journey from Baratang to Rangat. The journey is through Jarawa reserve. The unpolluted atmosphere, a blissful ambiance and the quiet village life of Rangat attracts tourists to come to Andaman and enjoy the vitality of nature.


The Mayabunder village, which is home to a large minority of former Burmese Karen tribes, who were brought here by the British. It is nearly three hours drive to Rangat, north by road. Mayabunder is surrounded by mangrove swamps.

Latitude : 12.586982437013473 | Longitude : 92.85422226562503

Activities : Snorkeling, Boat Ride

What to wear : Cotton outfits, Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion

Mode of Transportation : Ship, Bus, Car

Departure / Return Location Port Blair, Diglipur, Havelock

Middle Andaman Tourist Map


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Attractions at Middle Andaman:

Aamkunj Beach : Middle Andaman

  1 Aamkunj Beach :

Amkunj Bay

Amkunj beach is a sandy beach near Rangat (in Middle Andaman) Aamkunj beach is located at a distance of about 8 kms from Rangat and is 1 km. from the Nimbutala helipad, on the way towards Mayabunder. This beach is around 70 metres from the Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) is ideal for swimming and sun basking. The department of Forest has built eco-huts, groves and also a Tree house at the beach. During the low tides the beach provides an opportunity to observe sea animals, fishes and shallow water corals.


Moricedera Beach : Middle Andaman

  2 Moricedera Beach :

Moricedera is an ideal location for picnic in a natural environment of sea on one side and lush green forest on the other side. It is located along the ATR at a distance of 12 kms from Rangat towards Mayabunder. Eco-friendly beach furnitures, sea facing sit out areas and their proximity to sea makes it an ideal location to relax. A walkway in between Twin rocks (a unique rock formation) leads to a spectacular horizon view point which motivates everyone to feel “sky is the limit”. A fresh water stream located at this side is not only perennial but also scenic. It serves as natural swimming pool for the visitors.


Dhaninallah Beach & Mangrove Walk Way : Middle Andaman

  3 Dhaninallah Beach & Mangrove Walk Way :

DhaniNallah Mangrove WalkWay and Beach is located at a distance of 18 Km from Rangat towards Mayabunder. The beautiful and unique wooden boardwalk is built on top of Mangrove swamp / creek that leads to the Dhaninallah Beach. With a length of 713 meters, it is the longest walkway of its kind in India. Dhaninallah is named after a mangrove that is locally called "Dhanipatti". The Mangrove Nature-Walkway was inaugurated in December 2012. The Dhaninallah beach is a known for turtle nesting during last and first quarter of every year.


Yerrata Mangrove Park  : Middle Andaman

  4 Yerrata Mangrove Park :

Yeretta Creek is a lush green mangrove creek, which is on the way from Yeretta jetty to Long Island. Yerrata is located at a distance of 8 kms from Rangat along with luxuriant mangrove creeks. Yerrata is having a jetty from where ferry is operated to Long Island. Yerrata, which is well connected by road has breath-taking scenic beauty of various species of mangroves and is an ideal location to learn about diverse variety of mangroves. As a step towards creating awareness among general public about mangroves, department of Environment and Forests has established a Mangrove Interpretation Center which has attractive display panels depicting various species of mangroves found in these islands. A mangrove view watch tower is an unique structure of its kind which provides an opportunity to have a panoramic view of mangroves and adjacent forest. This is the only such tower in whole of A & N Islands to view mangroves. The height of the watch tower is 13 meters. The Department of Environment and Forests has developed a Mangrove beach trail having 300 mtrs. stretch of bench walk passing through the natural mangrove forest which is an important tourist attraction. The bench-walk gives the visitors a fantastic feel of mangroves.


Cutbert Bay : Middle Andaman

  5 Cutbert Bay :

Cutbert Bay Beach is located at a distance of 12 km. from Rangat. This lengthy beach with a tropical forest bordering is famous for turtle nesting activity from November to February and is  visited by Olive Ridley and Green sea turtles primarily.   Tourists can also visit the elephant training camps. 


Panchavati Hills : Middle Andaman

  6 Panchavati Hills :

Panchavati Hills has mutiple small and beautiful waterfalls and springs. These springs are source of water supply for the major part of middle Andaman.

In 1959, a 12.9 hectare coffee farm at Panchwati was established for conducting pilots of coffee cultivation. 5.90 hectare land of the farm is covered under coconut, arecanut and coffee. The agricultural farm is a rich bank of vegetation and is of interest to botany enthusiasts.



Rangat Statistics:

Area 1070 Sq. Km
Population 38815 (2001)
Distance (Road) 210 km from Port Blair
Distance (Sea) 50 nautical miles from PBlair

Sea: Daily boat ferries are available to and from Port Blair at Rangat Bay (Nimbutala Village) which is 8-km east of the Rangat town place The boat ferries while on the way usually stop at Havelock and Neil Island en-route. Road journey between Port Blair and Rangat is via Kadamtala and Baratang bay (Total ~210 Kilometres).


Long Island, off the southeast coast of Middle Andaman is home to famous ‘Lalaji Bay’ beach, which is rated as truly world class.

North Passage island, about 30 minutes boat ride from Long Island, is another interesting small island housing the other famous beach in this locality, Merck Bay. This island also has dense coconut groves, which add to the beauty.

Uttara Creek is another lush green mangrove creek traveled through on the way to Kadamtala.

Other attractions:
Guitar Island, Lal Tikri Island, North Button Island, South Button Island


The APWD Rest House, pleasantly situated up a winding hill from the bazaar with views across the valley, is the best place to stay and eat, providing good filling food.

Villages : Sabari, Parnasala, Rampur (Civil Hospital - Rangat), Hawamahal, Janakpur, Dasharatpur, Mithila etc are nearby Villages.

Schools Nearby Township:
1. Govt. Primary School, Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District | establised 1975

2. Govt. Primary School Sabari Junction | Establised 1989
Near Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District, Phone : 03192-227428

3. Govt. Middle School, Parnasala | Establised 1970
Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District, Phone : 03192-227439

4. Govt. Middle School, Janakpur | Establised 1960
Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District, Phone : 03192-227428

5. Govt. Middle School, Kalsi | Establised 1958
Near Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District

6. Govt. Secondary School Nimbutala | Establised 1962
Near Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District

7. Vivekananda School | Establised 1995
Vivek Nagar, North & Middle Andaman District, Phone : 03192-227411

8. Govt. Senior Secondary School Sabari Junction | Establised 1983
Near Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District, Phone : 03192-227420

9. Govt. Senior Secondary School Rangat | Establised 1972
Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District

10. Govt. Senior Secondary School Sabari Junction | Establised 1989
Near Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District, Phone : 03192-227420

11. Govt. Senior Secondary School Bakultala | Establised 1954
Near Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District, Phone : 03192-227753

12. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya | Establised 1996
Panchwati, Near Rangat, North & Middle Andaman District
Note : Originally started functioning at Chouldari, Bloomsdale Farm in 1987, and later shifted to Panchwati


The 40th Subhash Mela was organized at Bakultala, Middle Andaman from 23rd January to 29th January 2011. The Mela is organized every year to mark the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Power Supply : Power supply to Rangat is drawn from the DG power plant located in Nimbutala (Rangat Bay). Power supply is provided by the Andaman and Nicobar Administration and maintained by Department of Electricity.

Water supply is from rainwater storage and hence is dependent on monsoons. There is pressure on water supply in the hot months. Supply is maintained by Andaman Public Works Department. (APWD)

Villages in Middle Andaman :

Panchayat Village /HabitationType
Bakultala Bakultala Revenue Village
Dasarathpur Dasarathpur Revenue Village
Dasarathpur Janakpur Revenue Village
Dasarathpur Mithila Revenue Village
Dasarathpur Sitapur Revenue Village
Kadamtala Kadamtala Revenue Village
Kadamtala Porlobjig No 15 (FC APWDC JPPC)  
Kadamtala Porlobjig No 3 (JPPC or APWDC)  
Kadamtala Yeratiljig Revenue Village
Kadamtala Yeratiljig No 10 (JPPC)  
Kadamtala Yeratiljig No 11 (JPPC)  
Kadamtala Yeratiljig No 9 (JPPC)  
Kaushalyanagar Kaushalyanagar Revenue Village
Kaushalyanagar Saktigarh Revenue Village
Long Island Foul Bay  
Long Island Lakra Lungta (JA)  
Long Island Lalajig Bay (AC)  
Long Island Long Island Revenue Village
Long Island Merk Bay  
Long Island Spike Island(JA)  
Long Island Strait Island (AS)  
Nilambur Abhaygarh Revenue Village
Nilambur Kanchangarh Revenue Village
Nilambur Khatta Khari Revenue Village + Encroached Forest Area
Nilambur Nilambur Revenue Village + Encroached Forest Area
Nilambur Raglachang Revenue Village + Forest Camp
Nilambur Rajatgarh Revenue Village + Encroached Forest Area
Nilambur South Creek (EFA FC APWDC) South Creek
Nilambur Wrafters Creek Revenue Village + Encroached Forest Area
Nimbutala Amkunj Revenue Village
Nimbutala Nimbutala Revenue Village
Parnasala Parnasala Revenue Village + Encroached Forest Area
Parnasala Parnasala II Forest Camp
Parnasala Rampur Revenue Village
Rangat Bamboo Tikry (JPPC)  
Rangat Bangaon Revenue Village
Rangat Bolcha Encroached Forest Area
Rangat Boroinyol II (FC or APWDC)  
Rangat Charlungta (FC) Forest Camp
Rangat Charlungta II (FC) Forest Camp
Rangat Cutbert Bay Encroached Forest Area
Rangat Dhani Nallaha Encroached Forest Area
Rangat Dhani Nallaha (JA)  
Rangat Elephenstone Harbour Forest Camp
Rangat Foster Valley (FS)  
Rangat Gol Pahar Encroached Forest Area
Rangat Lorrojig (FC) Vishnu Nallaha (APWDC)  
Rangat Macarthy Valley (FS)  
Rangat Papita Dera Forest Camp
Rangat Pawajig Forest Camp
Rangat Rangat Revenue Village
Rangat Sagwan Nallah Forest Camp
Rangat Sanker Nallah Forest Camp
Rangat Shyam kund Revenue Village
Rangat Sippi Tikry Encroached Forest Area
Rangat Sukha Nallah Encroached Forest Area
Sabari Bharatpur Revenue Village
Sabari Sabari Revenue Village
Sabari Bishnupur / Vishnupur Revenue Village
Shivpuram Dharmapur Revenue Village
Shivpuram Padmanabhapuram Revenue Village
Shivpuram Panchawati Revenue Village + Encroached Forest Area
Shivpuram Ramachandra Nagar Revenue Village
Shivpuram Shivapuram Revenue Village
Shivpuram Thiruvanchikulam Revenue Village
Shivpuram Thoraktang  
Sundergarh Adajig Revenue Village
Sundergarh Bejoygarh Revenue Village
Sundergarh Sundergarh Revenue Village
Sundergarh Udhaygarh Revenue Village
Urmilapur Kalsi (JPPC)  
Urmilapur Kalsi Revenue Village
Urmilapur Kalsi No 3 (JPPC)  
Urmilapur Kalsi No 4 (JPPC)  
Urmilapur Kalsi No 6 (JPPC)  
Urmilapur Laxmanpur Revenue Village
Urmilapur Urmilapur Revenue Village
Uttara Shantanu Revenue Village
Uttara Uttara Revenue Village
Basantipur Basantipur Revenue Village
Basantipur Govindpur Revenue Village
Basantipur Paresh Nagar Revenue Village
Basantipur Prafullya Nagar Revenue Village
Chainpur Chainpur Revenue Village + Encroached Forest Area
Chainpur Hanspuri Revenue Village
Chainpur Pudumadurai Revenue Village
Harinagar Harinagar Revenue Village
Harinagar Jaipur Revenue Village
Harinagar Kamlapur Revenue Village
Harinagar Pinakinagar Revenue Village
Mayabunder Asha Nagar Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Aves Island Revenue Village
Mayabunder Bamboo Nallah  
Mayabunder Birsa Nagar Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Buddha Nallah Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Chappa Nali Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Ganeshpur Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Interview Island Police Outpost +Wild life sanctuary
Mayabunder Kanchi Nallaha / Bamboo Nallaha Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Karanch Khari Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Khukari Tabla Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Luis in Let Bay (JPPC)  
Mayabunder Mayabunder Revenue Village
Mayabunder Paiket Bay Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Sippi Tikry Encroached Forest Area
Mayabunder Sundari Khari Encroached Forest Area
Pahalgaon Bajato EFA 40 acre plot  
Pahalgaon Pahalgaon Revenue Village
Pahalgaon Tugapur Revenue Village
Pokadera Danapur Revenue Village
Pokadera Pokadera Revenue Village
Rampur Chuglum Gum Encroached Forest Area
Rampur Devpur Revenue Village
Rampur Karmatang Revenue Village
Rampur Karmatang IX Encroached Forest Area
Rampur Karmatang X including Bihari Plot Encroached Forest Area
Rampur Lataw Revenue Village
Rampur Lucknow Revenue Village
Rampur Rampur Revenue Village
Rampur Webi Revenue Village
Swadeshnagar Duke Magar Revenue Village
Swadeshnagar Lauki Nallaha  
Swadeshnagar Santipur Revenue Village
Swadeshnagar Swadesh Nagar Revenue Village