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Little Andaman Island is situated to the south of Capital City Port Blair. Little Andaman is about 120 Km by sea from Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Little Andaman is the fourth largest of the Andaman Islands with an area of 734.39 square Km.


How to reach Little Andaman ( Hutbay )

1. Ships from Port Blair
2. Helicopter from Port Blair

Hutbay is the local town of Little Andaman Island and is the gateway to the Little Andaman. All Transportation from other Islands arrive at Hutbay. Unlike Port Blair this Island has no natural harbour and therefore an artificial break water is constructed to provide safe harbour for Ships. This break-water suffered severe damages in the 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami. It takes around 7 to 9 hours by ship from Port Blair to reach Hutbay harbour.



This island is inhabited mainly by the Bengali Settlers, primitive Onge tribes (At DugonCreek and near South Bay) and Nicobarese tribal families (At Harmander bay). Little Andaman was declared as a tribal reserve by Govt. of India in 1957. Most of the settlers however are settled in Little Andaman during 1977 to 1979. The December 2004 Tsunami destroyed the beautiful Island but the Island still retains its beauy

Latitude : 10.698645786065804 | Longitude : 92.4957933105469

Mode of Transportation : Ship,Helicopter

Departure / Return Location Port Blair, Car Nicobar, Campbell Bay


Apart from bengali , 8 burmese and 25 Tamils from Srilanka and 165 Moplah families were settled in Little Andaman. 

Little Andaman Tourist Map


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Attractions at Little Andaman:

Butler Bay Beach : Little Andaman

1. Butler Bay Beach

Butler Bay is about 15km from Hut Bay. Butler bay is a must visit in the afternoon or during low tide and is a favorite place among the foreign tourist who like to Camp at the Butler Bay Beach.


White Surf - Waterfall : Little Andaman

2. White Surf - Waterfall

6.5 Km from the Hut Bay Jetty. This waterfall is found to be broken in the 2004 Earthquake and is no longer as big as it was before. It was in fact the biggest and perennial waterfall known in entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Entry Fees at White Surf Waterfall

Adult Rs. 20 | Child Rs. 10 | 2 Wheeler Rs. 10 | 3 Wheeler Rs. 15 | 4 Wheeler Rs. 20


Whisper Wave - Waterfall : Little Andaman

3. Whisper Wave - Waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall in Little Andaman. The Whisper Wave waterfall is about 15 Km from Hutbay and it is wonderful trek in the narrow path in the woods for an hour in bike. Elephants may be spotted while passing through the Red oil palm plantations


Oil Palm Plantation : Little Andaman

4. Oil Palm Plantation

The plantation is located at a distance of 11 km from Hutbay Harbour. The Red Oil Palm plantation is managed by Andaman and Nicobar Forest and Plantation Development Corporation ( ANIFPDCL ). Since 1973 the plantation has spread over an area of 1593 hectares. A factory for extraction of palm oil set up 1984 is also run by the ANIFPDCL. Tourist are allowed to visit the Palm plantation and the Oil factory.


Netaji Nagar Beach : Little Andaman

5. Netaji Nagar Beach

11 Km from the Hut Bay Jetty . White sandy beach suitable for sun basking.


Ramkrishna Pur Dam : Little Andaman

6. Ramkrishna Pur Dam

The R.K. Pur earthen Dam is 18.42 Km from Hut Bay and 2.42 Km from R.K. Pur Bazar.


Vishnu Nallah Dam : Little Andaman

7. Vishnu Nallah Dam

The Vishnu Nallah Dam is 25.2 Km from Hut Bay and 5.2 Km from Rabindra Nagar Junction. Prior permission from APWD is required


South Bay Lighthouse and Beach : Little Andaman

8. South Bay Lighthouse and Beach

The light house is situated at southernmost tip of Little Andaman (South Bay! - 10.512100, 92.504328), 14 kilometres away from Hutbay passing through Harmender Bay. There is a shallow creek on the way to the light house and therefore the tide timings needs to be checked prior to crossing the creek. It is possible to reach the lighthouse in a bike but jeeps are preferred. Permission from the "Tehsildar" (revenue official at Hutbay) is required because the  Onge tribal settlement (10.515902, 92.493496) is not far away from the Light house (distance less than 1.5 km).


Kalapatthar natural caves : Little Andaman

9. Kalapatthar natural caves

Kalapatthar natural caves


Elephant Safari

ANIFPDCL, who have about 31 elephants in this Island, organize elephant safari through the jungle near to the White Surf waterfall. Well tamed and trained elephants are engaged.

Major villages in Little Andaman : Ramkrishnapur , NetajiNagar, and Vivekanandapur Villages and Habitations  in Little Andaman :

Panchayat Village / Habitation Type
Netaji NagarForest Camp at 14 KM 5 II (FDCA)  
Netaji NagarForest Camp at 14 KM 5 III (FDCA)  
Netaji Nagar Forest Camp at 14 KM 5 II (FDCA) Red oil Palm
Ramakrishnapur Butler Bay Forest Camp 4 IV (FDCA) Butler Bay Forest Camp 4-II
Ramakrishnapur Butler Bay Forest Camp 4-I (FDCA)  
Ramakrishnapur Butler Bay Forest Camp 4-II (FDCA)  
Ramakrishnapur Butler Bay Forest Camp 4-III
Ramakrishnapur Harmender Bay (NS) Harmender Bay
Ramakrishnapur Hut Bay Revenue Village
Ramakrishnapur John Lawrence (FC) John Lawrence
Ramakrishnapur Ms Asia Company (Asia Timber Product)  
Ramakrishnapur Ramakrishnapur Revenue Village
Ramakrishnapur South Bay (Light House Camp)  
Vijaynagar Bejoy Nagar Revenue Village
Vijaynagar Krishna Nagar Revenue Village
Vijaynagar Radha Nagar Revenue Village
Vijaynagar Shyam Nagar Revenue Village
Vivekanandapur Dugong Creek (OS)
Vivekanandapur Forest Camp at 19 km (FDCA)  
Vivekanandapur Netaji Nagar Revenue Village
Vivekanandapur Rabindra Nagar Revenue Village
Vivekanandapur Vivekanandapur Revenue Village