Inter Island Info : Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman Trunk Road

The lifeline of Thousands of people. The road in under threat to be closed down under direction of supreme court. If closed down, the lack of this vital link will further weaken the already under developed North and Middle Andaman.

Distance between various Islands and points

From To Sea (Km)
Port Blair South Bay (Great Nicobar) 548
Port Blair Campbell Bay 537
Barren Island Nancowry 465
Port Blair Nancowry 429
Port Blair Katchal 416
Port Blair Car Nicobar 274
Port Blair Narcondum 256
Port Blair Diglipur 183
Port Blair Mayabunder 155
Narcondum Mayabunder 155
Hutbay Car Nicobar 156
Car Nicobar Nancowry 150
Car Nicobar Katchal 146
Port Blair Mayabunder via Havelock 137
Port Blair Barren Island 137
Narcondum East Island 137
Port Blair Mayabunder via Long Island 135
Port Blair Little Andaman 121
Barren Island Mayabunder 121
Car Nicobar Chowra 100
Barren Island Long Island 100
Port Blair Rangat 92
Port Blair Kadamtala 92
Port Blair Long Island 84
Car Nicobar Campbell Bay 83
Port Blair Long Island (via Oral Katcha) 82
Car Nicobar Teressa 82
Port Blair Oral Katcha 64
Port Blair Baratang 64
Terressa Nancowry 55
Campbell Bay Kondul 55
Port Blair Havelock 38
Havelock Neil Island 30
Havelock Strait Island 22
Port Blair Neil Island 37
Nancowry Kondul 37
Kondul Pulomilo 37
Nancowry Pulomilo 27
Narcondum Diglipur 13
Wandoor Jolly Bouy 10

Little Andaman

Havelock Island

North Andaman

Middle Andaman

Baratang Island

Neil Island

Nancowry Island

Car Nicobar

Great Nicobar

Port Blair