• 1789

    September : Small Colony (119 people) at Chatham Island was established. The settlement is named Port Cornwallis

  • 1791

    February : Construction of Wharf and Hospital at Chatham Island completed

  • 1792

    12th November : Decision to shift the colony to North Andaman Island

    30th December : Blair arrived at New settlement at North Andaman with 360 settlers. The new colony now named Port Cornwallis (and previous settlement at Chatham renamed as Port Blair)

  • 1796

    May : Due to continued unhealthiness, the colony at North Andaman is abandoned. Population that was removed was 270 convicts + 550 persons

  • 1858

    22nd January: Formal possesion of Andaman Islands by the British. Union Jack is hoisted with 21 gun salute by Capt. Horace Man, deputed to take formal possession of the Islands.

    10th March : First Batch of 733 convicts arrive with Superintendent James Walker.

    8th October: Viper Island occupied and chain gang punishment started

  • 1859

    17th May: Battle of Aberdeen, where hundereds of Andamanese were killed

    8th October: Allam Fazali Haq Khairabadi (prisoner no. 3687) arrived on life term sentence.

  • 1867

    Construction of Jail at Viper Island completed
    The Viper IslandPresent Day Viper Island Jail

  • 1868

    Britain purchased the Nicobar Islands from Denmark

    March : 238 prisoners tried to escape. 87 apprehended prisoners were hanged

    April : The second batch of freedom fighter prisoners arrived from Karachi

  • 1872

    8th February: Sher Ali (Sher Ali Afridi) killed Mayo (then Viceroy of India) at Hopetown jetty
    Sher ali who killed mayo Source: Wikipedia Commons

  • 1879

    Brij Kishore Singh Deo (Maharaja Jagannath of Puri) died in Viper Jail

  • 1883

    Chatham Island Saw mill established.

  • 1906

    Construction of the Cellular Jail completed
    Cellular Jail, Portblair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Present Day cellular Jail

  • 1909

    Barindra Kumar Ghosh or Barin Ghosh (Alipore Bomb Case) arrived for life imprisonment.

  • 1911

    4th July: Vinayak Damodar Savarkar arrived on a sentence of 50 years

  • 1912

    May: Indu Bhusan Roy committed suicide inside Cellular Jail

    10th June: Ullaskar Dutt (on life sentence) turned insane in Cellular Jail

    7th September : Hunger strike started with Ladha Ram

    25th September : Noni Gopal Mukherjee on Hunger strike for 72 days

  • 1914

    April: 16 political prisoners on hunger strike

  • 1915

    The Ghadar Movement Sikhs were deported to Cellular Jail

  • 1925

    45 Karen families are brought from Burma

  • 1933

    12th May: Hunger strike by 29 prisoners.

    17th May: Mahavir Singh of Lahore conspiracy case died due to force feeding while he was on the Hunger strike

    28th May: Mohit Mohan Moitra died due to force feeding

    June: Mohan Kishor and Man Krishna Nam Das also died of the consequences of force feeding

    26 June: The hunger strike was called off after most of the demands were met.

  • 1937

    25th July: Hunger strike started by 183 prisoners with a demand to release them from the Jail. Out of 290 political prisoners, 230 eventually joined the strike.

    17th May: Mahavir Singh of Lahore conspiracy case died due to force feeding while he was on the Hunger strike

    September: Hunger strike called off

    22 September: First batch of political prisoners repatriated back to Mainland India

  • 1942

    January: Headquaters shifted from Ross Island to Aberbeen.

    23rd March: Japanese occupation of the Islands Members of the Imperial Japanese Navy disembarking during the occupation of the Andaman Islands Source: Wikipedia Commons

  • 1943

    29th December: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose visited the islands

    30th December: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose hoisted the Indian tricolour

  • 1944

    30th January: Homfreyganj massacre, where 44 Indian civilians were shot by the Japanese on suspicion of spying

  • 1945

    7th October: The allied forces reoccupied the Islands. Japanese Vice Admiral Teizo Hara and Major-General Tamenori Sato surrendered the Andaman Nicobar Islands to Brigadier J A Salomons, commander of 116th Indian Infantry Brigade, and Chief Administrator Mr Noel K Patterson in a ceremony at Gymkhana Ground, Port Blair. Allied re-occupation of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Source: Wikipedia Commons

  • 1946

    Japanese POWs faced trials for their war crimes at Singapore.

  • 1952

    January: Cabinet and Ministry approves the refugee colonization of Andaman Islands (File No. 8/15/54-AN, NAI,1954.)

  • 1953

    First batch of displaced refugees (97 families) from East Bengal arrive under Five Year Plan project of colonisation. 450 refugee families were settled prior to this period (1949 and 1952)

  • 1956

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands declared as Union territory

  • 1963

    Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital started in Cellular Jail Campus


  • 1969

    330 ex-servicemen families from Indian mainland settled at Great Nicobar

  • 1979

    11th February: Cellular Jail declared as National Memorial

  • 2004

    26th December: Tsunami and Earthquake killed thousands in the Islands

  • 2006

    10th March: centenary of Cellular jail completion