HealthCare in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Health care facilities is unique in Andaman and Nicobar Islands compared to rest of India. Unlike the Government Hospital in State governments elsewhere in the Mainland India, the people in Andaman and Nicobar enjoy totally free Healthcare facilities from Government hospitals. This free healthcare in government hospitals includes the following:

1. No payment for Doctor fees
2. No payment for any medication provided from Hospital Pharmacy
3. No payment for any investigations or procedures done in the Government Hospitals
4. No payment for inpatient Hospitalisations
5. No operation theatre, surgery or anaesthesia payments (if operated upon)
5. No Nursing and administrative payments
6. No payment for food supplied in Hospital(s)
7. Routine and chronic patients like that of diabetes, hypertension etc. collects their medication regularly without any payment
8. No ambulance charges

A nominal charge is levied for Nursing Home in the secondary care hospital - The Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital at Port Blair.

A list of Government health insititutions at Islands:

District Hospital3
Community Health Centre4
Ayurvedic Hospital1
PHC (Primary Health Centre)22
UHC (Urban Health Centre)5
Homeopathic Hospital1
Homeopathic Dispensaries15
Ayurvedic Dispensaries1
Unani Hospital1
Total Bed strength1005 (805 Andaman, 200 Nicobar)

List of staff in the Health Department is given below:



Doctors (primary care)73
Doctors (specialists)10

ANIIMS and Govind Ballab Pant Hospital (GBPH Port Blair)

GBPH Port Blair is the biggest and the only secondary referral Hospital in Andaman and Nicobar.

This 466 bedded Govind Ballab Pant Hospital (GBPH) is only hospital with specialized services in Gen. and Pediatric Surgery, Orthopaedics, General Medicine, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, ENT & Ophthalmology etc. under one roof. In 2015 the hospital is upgraded and made the teaching hospital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Institute of Medical Sciences (ANIIMS). The average Out Patient Department (OPD) attendance is about 1850 patients per day. The bed occupancy rate of the hospital is about 82%. The hospital is headed by a Medical Superintendent who is under supervision of Director ANIIMS and Directorate of Health Services. Before ANIIMS there were only 15 sanctioned posts of Specialists in the hospital but now there is a strong team of more than 71 specialists. The cases not manageable at GB Pant hospital are referred to Hospitals at Chennai. The expenditure on treatment of serious patients at mainland under BPL (Below poverty line) category is met out of the fund provided by Govt. of India under National Illness Assistance Fund and now under ANISHI scheme. A few hundreds have benefited from this scheme.

G. B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair Contact: 03192-232102, 03192-233473

Year 2017 Specialty OPD figures at ANIIMS

S.NO DEPARTMENT Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2017 Total
1 General Medicine 3262 3328 4620 2559 2018 2499 2349 2920 1965 2621 2491 2371 33003
2 General Surgery 2217 1985 2288 1756 1649 1336 1448 1476 1248 1333 1276 2117 20129
3 Ear Nose Throat 2564 2492 2787 2108 2443 2262 2606 2458 2229 2787 2067 2264 29067
4 Psychiatry 877 872 731 694 777 676 822 805 594 675 452 678 8653
7 Gynae. and Obstetrics 2533 2350 2426 2155 2646 2320 2556 2673 2181 2093 1552 1863 27348
8 Dermatology 1651 3158 3419 2859 2822 3150 3804 4670 3024 4091 3247 3600 39495
9 Dentistry 2045 1648 1564 1566 1691 1626 1736 1370 993 1233 894 1034 17400
10 Opthalmology 1890 1552 1846 1681 2037 2157 2288 2231 1877 2172 1749 2062 23542
11 Orthopaedics 3883 3820 3939 3897 4183 3806 4255 3781 3241 3832 2899 3465 45001
12 Pediatrics 3460 3374 2595 2120 2248 1927 2665 3379 2571 3031 1961 2286 31617
Grand Total 275255

The Telemedicine/Teleconsultancy Services

Under the Telemedicine project, Hospitals/health centers in remote locations are linked via INSAT satellites with super specialty Hospitals at major towns/cities, bringing in connectivity between patients at remote end with the Specialist Doctors for medical consultations and treatment. Telemedicine pilot projects are undertaken by ISRO with the involvement of selected super specialty hospitals located in major cities and smaller health centers in distant and rural areas.
                       Former Prime Minister A. B. Vajpayee inaugurated the telemedicine project on 3rd July 2002 linking the G.B. Pant Hospital Port Blair with Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute (SRMC & RI). The Telemedicine facility was intended to enable the doctors at GBPH Port Blair to directly interact with the Super Specialists and seek advice from Chennai/Other mainland India locations. The facility provided live video conferencing and have scanners and equipments to send live data like that of ECG and X-rays to recipients at the other end. Telemedicine facility is also extended to District Hospital Car Nicobar, and was planned to be extended to CHC's and PHC's in a phased manner during the next 25 years.

The Reality : There was a lot of hype created for the Telemedicine facility and people were made to believe that this will cut their burden of travel to mainland India, though the fact is that the Telemedicine is not much a success story. The reasons may be the following:

1. The Hospitals connected with GB Pant Hospital were all commercial private hospitals (Apollo Hospital, SRMC, Amrita Kochi etc.). Their commercial interest therefore cannot be negated. Almost often the patient after a telemedicine session is called to visit their location for further care, so the telemedicine acts merely as a patient acquisition mechanism for these commercial Hospitals.

2. Even if expert guidance is received from the connected Super Specialist(s), The advise received often does not yield practical results due to lack of advanced infrastructure at GB Pant Hospital

3. With the advent of Medical college, as more specialists are available such telemedicine sessions yeild no benefit.

Primary Health Centre (s)

Unlike state govt. PHCs (primary health Centre), the PHC's in Andaman & Nicobar Islands are full fledged hospitals with a staff strength of about 25 staffs in each which includes Doctor(s), Nurses, ANMs, lab technicians, pharmacists, X-Ray technician and other support staff. Each PHC has at-least 10-15 beds, Operating theatre(s), Small Laboratory, X-Ray.  Besides these, captive power generator sets, ambulances, refrigerators and deep freezers for maintaining cold chain for medicines have also been provided in the PHCs as per the norms prescribed by the Government of India.


List of Primary Heath centres

Sl. No.Name Area
1PHC, Garacharma South Andaman
2PHC, ManglutanSouth Andaman
3PHC, TushnaBadSouth Andaman
4PHC, FerrarGunjSouth Andaman
5PHC, WimberlyGunjSouth Andaman
6PHC, ChouldariSouth Andaman
7PHC, Havelock Havelock Island
8PHC, Neil IslandNeil Island
9PHC, Radha NagarNorth Andaman
10PHC, Kalighat North Andaman
11PHC, Kishori NagarNorth Andaman
12PHC, BilligroundMiddle Andaman
13PHC, TugapurMiddle Andaman
14PHC, KadamtalaMiddle Andaman
15PHC, Long IslandMiddle Andaman
16PHC, BaratangMiddle Andaman
17PHC, HutBayLittle Andaman
18PHC, R.K. PurLittle Andaman
19PHC, KatchalNicobars
20PHC, TeressaNicobars
21PHC, Campbell BayGreat Nicobar
22PHC, Gandhi NagarGreat Nicobar

Community Health Centre (s)

CHC's are bigger health provider units than PHC's. In Andaman & Nicobar Islands CHC's are mid sized hospitals with a staff strength of more than 35 staffs in each. Each Community Health Centre has 40-70 beds with more upgraded infrastructure as compared to PHC's. Blood transfusion facility is available in addition.


ISM & Homoeopathy

Under the ISM & Homoeopathy Unit, this Union Territory has 8 Homeo- dispensaries : One ISM and one Homeopathy Unit at Port Blair functioning since 1975. Car Nicobar established in 1986, Bambooflat, Mayabunder, Rangat, Diglipur, Nancowry and Campbell Bay from 1997 to 2001 in phased manner. Besides, foundation stone for establishment of a 30-bedded ISM & Homeo Hospital at Port Blair has already been laid on 4th March 2001 by the Hon'ble Union Home Minister Shri L. K. Advani. During 10th Plan it is proposed to establish 10 more Homoeo dispensaries and 4 Ayurvedic dispensaries in consonance with the guidelines of GOI to integrate the ISM & Homoeopathy with Primary Health Care. The first Ayurvedic dispensary of the UT was made functional at Aberdeen Bazar on 30th November 2001.

Health Facilities In Tribal Area

The majority of the tribal population of the Union Territory is concentrated in the Nicobar District. Although ~9.5% of the total population of this Union territory are tribals, the local administration has infused about 30% of the total health infrastructure in the southern group of islands. As per government norms the basis of setup of health institutions/Hospitals (PHC, CHC's) should be the population. In Andaman & Nicobar Islands however the Government of India has relaxed the norms. As per the relaxed norms Sub-Centres may be established at a distance of 5 KM and PHCs at 10 Km distance irrespective of population

GB Pant Port Blair

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