Havelock Island | Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Havelock is a tiny but beautiful island located 37 Kms east of the Andaman Islands. With unexplored coral reefs, brilliant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches and tropical forest and vegetation, it is one of the hot tourist spots in the Andamans. Havelock Island is the most favoured destination of the Andaman Islands. It is very popular because for its world class beaches,adventure sports and great scuba diving spots.

The local hub/market place is at Havelock No. 3 which is about 2 kilometres from Jetty (HL-1). The only local hospital (Govt. run PHC Havelock) is located at Havelock No. 3. From Havelock the road forks towards HL5/Kalapatthar and HL7 (HL7 is Radhanagar).

Latitude : 12.026811485038902 | Longitude : 92.99223801269534

Activities : Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Jet Ski, Sea walk, Banana ride

What to wear : Cotton outfits, Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion

Mode of Transportation : Catamaran / Boat / Helicopter

Departure / Return Location Phoenix Bay, Port Blair


Havelock Island remained virtually unknown to the rest of the world for many centuries. During the early years of the British colonization of India, in the 18th century, a marine surveyor named John Ritchie was commissioned to travel the seas off the eastern coast of India and charter the routes to any islands he may find. This was the first expedition undertaken to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In honour of John Ritchie, a group of islands to the eastern side of the main island of this archipelago, was named Ritchie’s Archipelago. Havelock Island is the largest in this group of islands and is the most frequently visited island among the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island which was once only inhabited by tribal natives, now has settlers from different parts of the Indian mainland. The government of India actively promotes eco-tourism on this island.

Starting 1954 around 200 bengali settlers from East Pakistan were settled in Havelock Island.

Havelock Island Tourist Map

Attractions at Havelock Island:

Radhanagar Beach : Havelock Island

1. Radhanagar Beach

Beach No. 7 or Radhanagar Beach is the most beautiful location on the Havelock Island.


Elephant Beach : Havelock Island

2. Elephant Beach

Best beach for snorkelling in Havlock. Elephant beach is a pollution free sea beach with crystal clear sea water. Always travel there in shorts knee length as you have to disembark in water upto knee deep at destination. snorkeling in deep water with videography is charged  600-800 for 30 min but this is the best activity elephant beach, sea walking for  3500/- per trip, scuba diving for  3500/- per trip. Apart from this there is banana ride too costing  600/- per ride. Change rooms are available for ladies too. Bathing facility is in open bathroom charging  40/- per head & urinals  10/-. Take your towel, undergarments, change clothes in a backpack. Keep sunscreen & goggles always


Kaala Pathar Beach : Havelock Island

3. Kaala Pathar Beach

Nice beach visit for sunset. Location is natural and untouched. A must visit place for sunrise & scenic photos. 


Inglis Island : Havelock Island

4. Inglis Island

Remote uninhabited little island, reachable by boat in one and a half hour from Havelock


The beaches and villages in Havelock are locally known best by a numbering system instead of their official names e.g. RadhaNagar is alternatively known as No. 7, the reason is because when the Rehabilitation Department settled Bengalis in Havelock they never had the time to assign names, instead the order of settlement was taken as village names i.e. Havelock No. 1 was settled first and so on.

How to reach Havelock Island:

1. Helicopter from PortBlair. Seaplane service is suspended since 2015.
2. Ferries from Port Blair and Rangat

Ferries are the favoured way to enter the Island. Apart from government run ferries, since November 2009 air conditioned Catamaran ferry M.V. Maakruz (www.makruzz.com) , Coastal Cruise (www.coastalcruise.in) and Green Ocean also operate between Port Blair-Havelock-Neil (Ticket cost are 850, 950,1250,2600). All the ferries at Havelock arrive at a jetty in Havelock No. 1 (Govindo Nagar). Government-operated ferries should be booked in advance at DSS counter in Port Blair (A/c ferries : INR 250 for "Chair" / 350 for "Seat"). One Booking Counter is also available in Havelock Jetty. Helicopters land in a Helipad situated around half km from the Havelock jetty (HL1)

Video: Havelock Beach Swell
Video: Havelock No. 1 Beach, Havelock Island


Healthcare: Almost 100% of healthcare delivery is done by Government centres :
Primary Health Centres (PHC) : one at HL No. 3
Health Sub Centre : 02

Power supply to this island is from the Diesel power engine located near HL No. 1.

Education :
Primary School 4 | Middle School 1 | Senior Secondary School 1

Govt. Accommodations :
Dolphin resort (IP&T) 1(34 Rooms) | APWD Guest house 1(7 Rooms) | Forest Guest house 1

Villages and Habitations in Havelock Island :

Sl.No Village Name Village Type
01 Govinda Nagar Revenue Village
02 Bejoy Nagar Revenue Village
02 Shyam Nagar Revenue Village
02 Krishna Nagar Revenue Village
02 Radha Nagar Revenue Village