Great Nicobar A & N Islands

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The Indira point
Indira Point Light house (2007)

Indira Point representing the southernmost tip of land in the territory of India is situated in Great Nicobar. The famous lighthouse was established in the year 1972 and was an important landmark for the ships coming from Malacca. This lighthouse station was then known as Parsons Point and then subsequetly Pygmalion Point. The pygmalion point had been renamed in honour of Mrs. Indira Gandhi after her visit to this place. The lighthouse was unfortunately inundated with water during tsunami 2004 and now appears as if standing alone inside the sea.


A 660 metres breakwater (artificial) was constructed by Andaman harbour works at Campbell bay.  

Other breakwaters at Andaman-Nicobar:
Hutbay -1.2 kms
Rangat -475 m
CarNicobar - 460 m

Villages in Great Nicobar Island

Sl.No Village Name Village Type
01 Pulobed (Lababu)
02 Katahu
03 Dairkurat
04 Pulokunji
05 Shompen Village
06 Renguang
07 Kopen Heat
08 Shompen Village - B
09 Kasintung
10 Koe
11 Danlet
12 Pilobhabi
13 Patatiya
14 Kokeon
15 Dakhiyon (Near Kokeon) Forest Camp
16 In-Hig-oi
17 Chiengen
18 Hin-Pou-Chi
19 Pulobaha
20 7 Km. Farm
21 Shompen Hut
22 Navy Dera
23 Lawful
24 Chaw Nallah
25 Pulopucca
26 Indira Point
27 Ranganathan Bay
28 Not Yet Named (Near 27.9 Kms.)
29 Campbell Bay Revenue Village
30 Joginder Nagar Revenue Village
31 Laxmi Nagar Revenue Village
32 Shastri Nagar Revenue Village
33 Vijay Nagar Revenue Village
34 Govinda Nagar Revenue Village
35 Gandhi Nagar Revenue Village
35 Galathia River (Forest Camp) Forest Camp