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Car Nicobar (Called "Pu" in the Nicobari language) is the northernmost island of the Nicobar Islands. It is also one of three local administrative divisions of the Indian district of Nicobar.  Car Nicobar  is  143 miles from Port Blair. Car Nicobar is  flat island except for some cliffs in the north and small hilly in the interior. Car Nicobar being a Tribal reserve area is not open for tourists.

Latitude : 9.180311012847378 | Longitude : 92.77628800048831

Mode of Transportation : Ship,Helicopter,Flight

Departure / Return Location Port Blair, HutBay, Campbell Bay



98 percent of the Nicobarese are Christians following the Protestant faith. Christianity spread after the advent of a South Indian Missionary, one Mr. Vedeppan Thambuswamy who later took the name of Mr. Vedeppan Solomon. The remaining 2 percent population consists of Muslim originally from Minicoy and Gujarat. Some of them married Nicobarese and can now be termed as “Nicobari Muslims”.  Apart from Christanity a section of the people in Island like Chowra and Shompens of Great Nicobar still profess their old religion of animism.

In Car Nicobar there are 10 churches. The oldest church is at Mus (St. Thomas Church), where the maker of modern Nicobar Bishop John Richardson was buried.

Car Nicobar Map


Villages in Car Nicobar Island (Nicobar District):

Panchayat       Village /Habitation           
Car Nicobar Arong  
Car Nicobar Big Lapati  
Car Nicobar Chuckchucha  
Car Nicobar IAF Camp  
Car Nicobar Kakana  
Car Nicobar Kimois  
Car Nicobar Kinmai  
Car Nicobar Kinyuka  
Car Nicobar Malacca  
Car Nicobar Mus  
Car Nicobar Perka  
Car Nicobar Sawai  
Car Nicobar Small Lapati  
Car Nicobar Tamaloo  
Car Nicobar Tapoiming  
Car Nicobar Teetop