Barren Island active Volcano at Andaman Nicobar islands

Barren Island (12.29° N, 93.87° E):

There are around 500 known active volcanoes on earth.
Few Major Volcanoes on earth :

Sl.No Volcano Name Country
1 Etna Italy
2 Fujiyama Japan
3 Mount Asama Japan
4 Cotopaxi South America
5 Acancagoan South America
6 Parakutien and St. Helensa N America
7 Kilavea and Monaloa Hawaii
8 Mayon Philipines
9 Vesuvius Italy
10 Barren Island India
11 Stromboli Italy
12 Hycla Iceland
13 Surtse Iceland

Barren Island houses the only active volcano in India. The volcanic island lies only 135 kilometers east from Port Blair (South Andaman). The volcano in the Barren Island is a Stratovolcano (Stratovolcano and Sheild volcano are types of volcanoes)
About 135 km North-NorthEast of Barren Island is Narcondum Island with a volcano with no activity in history.

Barren Island is roughly circular with a diameter of ~3 km and represents the topmost part of a submarine volcano rising more than 2 km above the sea floor. The highest point of the Barren Island volcano is ~200 metres from sea level. Barren Island is well known for its unique fauna and flora, including feral goats, as well as fruit bats, parrots and large number of rats. [Alcedo Volcano in Isabela Island in the Galapagos are also known to have plently of feral goats.]
There were past reports about the Barren Island that there are no fresh water source in Barren Island and the animals in the Island have adapted themselves to drink sea water is incorrect. Atleast 2 fresh water streams have been discovered in the Island and there is probability of more.
Volcano Eruptions : 1787–1832, 1991, 1994–95 and 2005–06. 2008-2009, 2017
During January and February 1995, a thick column consisting of pale brownish gas, dark ash particles, and white steam was rising ~200 m from the crater area at intervals of 30 seconds, accompanied by continuous rumbling and intermittent "cracking" sounds.
On 9 March at around 0530 GMT astronauts on the Space Shuttle noticed a small plume rising from Barren Island. A short video recording (~15 seconds) showed a "V" shaped plume that extended for ~3 km before dispersing.


How to go there:
It is a uninhabited Island and no one is allowed to land on Barren Island unless special permission(s) are granted by Indian Navy and Govt. of India. The nearest inhabited island is Havelock and Neil Island and the distance from there to barren is about 83 kilometres. Though it is possible to observe the Island from onboard boats/ships for which permission from Department of Environment and Forest (at Port Blair) is required. Some travel agents organise fishing and scuba diving trips near the Barren Island. History : The Andaman Administration back in 2005 started night ship trips to Barren Island for tourists for a cost ranging from INR 400 to INR 1000 (Tourists were not allowed to set foot on Barren Island though) but discontinued the service within few months, never to start or rethink again!.

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