Baratang Island | Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Baratang is an Island situated in Middle Andaman zone of Great Andamans. It is around 65
kilometers by road (Andaman Trunk Road to Rangat and Diglipur passes through this island)  from Port Blair. This island between South and Middle Andaman has beautiful beaches, mangrove creeks, mud-volcanoes and limestone caves.  Baratang is an Island situated in Middle Andaman zone of Great Andamans. It is around 65 kilometers by road from Port Blair.

As per 2001 census Baratang has population of 6500. The population consists people of Ranchi community, Bengalis, Telugus, Tamil and Malyalis. Baratang was a non-existent entity on the tourist map before the mud volcano and Limestone caves were opened for tourists in 2002. An estimated 5000 tourists visit the place daily during seasons (Nov to March). A creative mangrove canopy walk connects to a trail through moist
forests that leads to the lime stone caves. There are around 180 limestones in
vicinity of each other, but only one is open for tourists as the rest are unsafe
for entry. 

Latitude : 12.16847608301142 | Longitude : 92.76839157714846

Activities : Natural Wonders, Sun basking, Bird Watching, Trekking

What to wear : Cotton outfits, Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion

Mode of Transportation : Bus. Boat

Departure / Return Location Phoenix Bay, Port Blair
Port Blair

Baratang Island Tourist Map

Attractions at Baratang:

Limestone Caves at Baratang : Baratang

1. Limestone Caves at Baratang

Approachable by Boat from Baratang Nilambur Jetty (20/25 minute). The boat takes around 5 and 10 persons and cost Rs 600. per head (both ways). The boat ride is through thick mangrove forest. The cave which is about 1.5 km walk through a kachha road but comfortable journey. Different shapes are formed in rocks over the years. The wooden walkway made over the mangrove forest is very nice & charming.


Mud Volcano at Baratang : Baratang

2. Mud Volcano at Baratang

Mud Volcano is approachable by road from Nilambur jetty. One has to reach up to Jarawa creek by vehicle. From Jarawa Crek Mud volcano is at a walkable distance of 250-300 meters. A mud volcano is created by natural gases emitted by decaying organic matter underground. As the mud is pushed upwards by the gas, it deposits and hardens above the ground. As more mud oozes out and spills over the edge it grows in size, gradually forming a miniature volcano with rich, creamy mud crater at the top. Mud Volcano are only in few places of the world of which many exists in Andaman Islands in India. One could actually see mud appearing like wet concrete bubbling live.


Parrot Island : Baratang

3. Parrot Island

The sight of hundreds of parrots returning home before every sunset is an experience that draws nature lovers to Parrot island. Visiting this small island is an interesting escapade combining bird watching, boat rides trough mangrove fringed coastline and marvelling the enchanting sun setting behind the island.

Parrot island is best viewed during sunrise or sunset when parrots come to roost here. The view of the sunset is amazing and as soon as the sun sets, hundreds of parrots came to the island. They keep flying around the island for about 10 minutes after which they settle down. The boats for Parrot island leave not sooner than 4.15pm and by that time there are no buses left for Port Blair. A night stay at Baratang is required


Baludera Beach : Baratang

4. Baludera Beach

Baludera Beach


Baratang Island: Total Area 297.60 sq. km2

Mud volcano, Baludera beach, the limestone caves and the Parrot island (or Tota Tekri is a island nearby the Nilambur Jetty. Tota tekri (Tota in Hindi is Parrot) gets its name because lots of Parrots are nesting in the Island) to Visit from here. You need to take a boat out to limestone caves and parrot island (separate trips). Parrot island is a sunset trip and should not be missed and can only be covered if you stay at Baratang. Limestone caves is nice and gets a little crowded in the boat because of day travellers from Port Blair. Please carry caps and water as its fairly long boat ride and there is no covering on the boat.

The only private resort "Dew Dale Resort" was closed down by Local Administration because of Tribal Area buffer zone notification in 2011

Daily Govt. Bus Service available from early morning 4.00 AM to 12.30 PM and return trip available from 5.30 AM to 2.00 PM.
Pvt. Bus service available between 4.30 AM and 11.00 AM from Port Blair and return trip available from 7.00 AM to 12.30 PM.

Vehicle Convoy Timings
From Jirkatang (Towards Middle Andaman) From Middle Strait (Towards Port Blair)
6.30 AM 6.30 AM
7.00 AM 8.00 AM
8.00 AM 9.00 AM
9.30 AM 9.30 AM
11.30 AM 12.00 Noon
1.30 PM 1.30 PM
2.30 PM 3.00 PM

Healthcare: Almost 100% of healthcare delivery is done by Government centers :
Primary Health Centres (PHC) at : 1
Health Sub Centre : 03

Education : Primary School 5 | Middle School 2 | Secondary School 1 | Senior Secondary School 1


Villages in Baratang Island (Middle Andaman):

Sl.No Village Name Village Type
01 Adajig Revenue Village
02 Bijoygarh Revenue Village
03 Udayagarh Revenue Village
04 Sundergarh Revenue Village
05 Nayagarh Revenue Village
06 Kanchangarh Revenue Village
07 Nilambur Revenue Village
08 Ranglachang Revenue Village
08 Rajatgarh Revenue Village
08 Khatta Khari Revenue Village
08 AbhayGarh Revenue Village
08 Wrafter’s Creek Revenue Village
08 Pawajig Forest Camp
08 Papita Dera Forest Camp
08 Shankar Nallah Forest Camp
08 Lorrojig Forest Camp
08 Middle Strait Forest Camp/Police
08 Vishnu Nallah APWDC
08 Bolcha Enchroached Forest Area
08 Khatta Khari Enchroached Forest Area
08 South Creek Enchroached Forest Area